As a counterpart to the playful, almost fairytale silhouette English cottage-style villa, this is a tight symmetrical terraced garden, which was filled with an impressive collection of plants in beautiful combinations.


The family house is surrounded by lush gardens interwoven with a pool, trampoline, swing and the artificial grass for the playing field.


Long lines of sight, the recurring rhythm of planting and the size of the compartments ensure peace. Beautiful intimate terraces and flowery lanes create excitement. The planting is sturdy, which is again reinforced by the tight evergreen blocks.


City paradise with organically shaped islands in sand-colored gravel filled with tall colorful perennials.


This romantic garden lies invitingly around a detached house and is buzzing with activity all summer long.


The perennials and flowering shrubs give the impression of a charming cottage garden in the English countryside. Among the many facets of green it is a joy to linger on the terraces of different colour and scent.


In the summer months the herbs flower, and the leaves create a wonderful aroma that drifts through the French doors into the house.


Modern and classic alternate in this intimate garden with its many terraces to enjoy each hour of the day.


Sometimes open, sometimes closed this garden runs effortlessly and naturally into the surrounding farmlands.


The sight and smell of lavender makes us dream of fields in the Provence. A desire for a wonderful holiday and warm sunshine.


Gray colours and leaf structures predominate in this very long narrow city garden in the old inner city. The elevated small water feature connects the veranda in the back garden with the shaded terrace in the middle. Flower colours in this design are subordinate.


Behind the impressive facades of Amsterdam canal houses lay beautiful landscaped gardens with a royal character, totally invisible to the outside world. A unique place in the hectic city.


Structures of the planting, the choices of the hardening give this garden excitement. The house is an integral part of the garden, culminating in the natural swimming pond in the back garden.


Wavy green lawns that roll into the forest area give this garden its character. Hidden behind hedges, are the vegetable garden and the pool. One recognises the passion of the owner in the beautiful flower beds and the bountiful vegetable garden filled with vegetables, herbs and ornamental coal.


The stately home, the green undulating greenery interspersed with colour and the tranquillity of the water give this garden the allure of an estate.


Here we find a combination of modern clean lines and a natural transition to the environment characteristics. This special garden is in beautiful harmony with the house.


This garden consists of four sleek stylish garden rooms next to each other, like the imposing building that consists of four traditional canal houses.


For centuries fragrances arouse emotion. The scent of the rose is refined and every rose has it own fragrance. A rich intense fragrance or a deliciously fruity scent, almost every rose smells nice.


The modern white house with its large windows dictates the lines of this garden. The differences in height give the garden its softness and refer to the rolling countryside where the garden is situated.


Tranquillity and space mark this garden. This is already visible at the driveway, which starts with the entrance to the garden. The clinker bricks are transverse, accentuating the width.


Tucked behind the high green is this landscaped woodland with its romantic borders. The owners maintain it with great love and care.


This country house is situated in the rural area of central Netherlands. The lines of the garden clearly follow the plan of the house. Sturdy hedges and peaceful borders ensure low maintenance and a beautiful varied landscape in the winter.


In the middle of a busy environment the peace and quiet of the countryside dominates. Small is beautiful.


Wavy Rhododendron groups in different shades of blooms interspersed with clouds of tough boxwood make this a classical garden. The grass creates space and peace. The winding gravel road connects the house with the modern building in the backyard.


It is a feast to live in the middle of the busy city. Especially in a garden enclosed by high houses, where all city noises stop and one hears the birds sing their songs.


Simplicity, tranquillity and space mark this garden. The long narrow pond connects the three gardens together. The colourful flower borders lie like a checkerboard through the garden.


A green collection of small groups of perennials in many varieties and heights. The sound of the flowing waterfall in the pond reduces the city noises that penetrate from the busy city.


This romantic English garden is hidden under the big monumental nave with plants that alternate shade and sun.


Small city garden in the Pijp. The combination of a children's garden with an enthusiast's garden makes this design special. The sturdy wooden arches standing in a visual axis from the house and the height differences make the garden seem larger than it is.


The water is around the house, but the alternation of open and close to the water through hedges gives the green spaces an intimate feeling.


Around the house the layout is tight.  As the distance increases between the house and the garden, the garden becomes more scenic.


Landscape garden with organic lines. With colorful lush plants that make the garden attractive all year round.


An oasis in a busy just developed residential area. Placing trained trees in strategic places guarantees the privacy of the garden and creates the atmosphere of a southern French countryside village.


Simple garden with a number of flower borders around the house consisting of perennials and evergreen shrubs. The garden is in open connection with the large field, a small hidden terrace between the rhododendrons provides a beautiful view of this.


A large, over 100 years old red beech gives this intimate little city garden a nice atmosphere.  It is hard to imagine that this tranquil garden is in the middle of the busy city centre.



Who does not want a garden where the most beautiful bouquets can be plucked?


Romantic garden around a farm in Blaricum with organic lines. The raised, narrow, long pond is located perpendicular to the house and makes the relatively shallow garden visually deeper. The flower borders with natural planting in the colors red, white and blue are supported by Rhodo groups and hedges of yew and beech. The parking area consists of a gravel roundabout with two parking spaces attached to it.


Simplicity can be beneficent. The tranquil planting scheme and the simple effects are the strengths of this ‘polder’ garden and is a joy for the whole family.


Enthusiast's garden with clinker paving in round shapes. The planting consists of many shrubs in different heights with a small addition of perennials. The seasons are clearly recognizable in this garden all year round.

Peace, inspiration, relentless challenge, whimsical, sober, or simply beautiful. My gardens always reflect the characteristics of the owner.
Peace, inspiration, relentless challenge, whimsical, sober, or simply beautiful.
My gardens always reflect the characteristics of the owner.