The Way we Work

We believe in a very close cooperation between clients and designer. That is why we always work with our 7 step plan.

1. Acquaintance

Most of our clients come to us through (client) referrals. We make an appointment, discuss the project, the way we work, and see whether we click. For you as well as for us this is of the utmost importance to deliver a successful project.

2. Offer

We present you with a detailed overview of the expected cost of the design.

3. Intake

We take plenty of time. All your wishes will be noted including your total project budget.

4. Design

In about three weeks you will receive our design. We then talk in detail about our proposal and your comments. We then make the final design.

5. Detailed plans

The master plan is followed with plans for planting, paving, lighting and when required irrigation.

6. Selection

Now, gardeners, nurseries, labourers and pavers are selected on the basis of the estimates and our earlier experience with these companies.

7. Construction

The selected companies will start the work. If you wish we can assist you and guide the construction companies. This requires a separate agreement between you and us.