Robert Broekema

Robert Broekema designs canal gardens, villa gardens and farm gardens. He also advises in the restoration of old neglected landscape gardens and estates.

Robert was educated in Boskoop (The Netherlands) and did internships in England and Germany. He was also a student of Mien Ruys, the famous Dutch landscape architect.

Robert Broekema is a regular guest speaker at home and garden shows. He writes articles for monthly magazines and organises tours of the Amsterdam canal gardens.

The way we work

We believe in a very close cooperation between clients and designer. That is why we always work with our 7 step plan.
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Frequent interaction with the client is essential. This ultimately determines the design as well as the level of maintenance required.

Water and organic forms are an important part in most of the designs of Robert Broekema.
The designs are often recognizable by their clear intent, usually a visual axis and transverse lines to create space and tension.

The lines of the house usually form the basis, thus creating a harmonious whole.