Small city garden in the Pijp. The combination of a children’s garden with an enthusiast’s garden makes this design special. The sturdy wooden arches standing in a visual axis from the house and the height differences make the garden seem larger than it is.


Simple garden with a number of flower borders around the house consisting of perennials and evergreen shrubs. The garden is in open connection with the large field, a small hidden terrace between the rhododendrons provides a beautiful view of this.


Enthusiast’s garden with clinker paving in round shapes. The planting consists of many shrubs in different heights with a small addition of perennials. The seasons are clearly recognizable in this garden all year round.


Romantic garden around a farm in Blaricum with organic lines. The raised, narrow, long pond is located perpendicular to the house and makes the relatively shallow garden visually deeper. The flower borders with natural planting in the colors red, white and blue are supported by Rhodo groups and hedges of yew and beech. The parking area consists of a gravel roundabout with two parking spaces attached to it.